Bitwar data recovery

Bitwar data recovery 5.34

Bitwar is a very powerful data recovery software. It can recover data from hard disk, U disk, SD card,etc.

bitwar data recovery can recover data from hard disk, u disk, sd card,etc.

bitwar is a data-recovery tool for windows. it is able to restore the data after accidentally deleted even if you've emptied the recycling bin, formatted by mistake, lost from u disk \ sd card and lost partition.users looking for an efficient and reliable file recovery tool will find this handy and useful. save your valuable data in time!

our tool is actually fast and safe ,easy to use.this single-function application is a reliable and practical tool for recovering deleted files on your to other data recovery softwares,our software is easy to understand and use, the price is reasonable.

Bitwar data recovery


Bitwar data recovery 5.34

User reviews about Bitwar data recovery

  • armandalvin

    by armandalvin

    "Can't Recover Anything. Did not find either overwritten or corrupted files"

    Only found and recovers a few photos out of hundreds. Support was useless.Get lost!. More.

    reviewed on April 17, 2016

  • "useful data recovery software."

    recover my lost photos, but scan takes a long time. in general,useful. . More.

    reviewed on March 17, 2016

  • curry1988

    by curry1988

    "good recovery tool"

    Scan my formatted disk quickly preview the word I need successfully,recover it, thanks!. More.

    reviewed on March 14, 2016

  • Judy0406

    by Judy0406

    "Powerful recovery function"

    Get back my lost file due to formatted, really appreciated!. More.

    reviewed on March 11, 2016

  • Roger0901

    by Roger0901

    "pretty good!"

    Deep recovery help me find my important file,thanks a lot!!!. More.

    reviewed on March 10, 2016

  • Damon1993

    by Damon1993

    "excellent data recovery software"

    My lost data is very urgent, the software recover it very fast, thank you!. More.

    reviewed on March 9, 2016